AspireOS 1.3 "High Voltage mk2" is ready

Post date: 22.okt.2011 19:18:57

Another month another update to AspireOS codename "high voltage mk2".

I'm very happy about this update. Not that is lots of new stuff, but there are some important bug fixes. Neil have been as always a very important reason for this.

I also desided to change aspireos logo to the one that shuflepuch did. His wallpaper is also default now.

You can download from here: ... e/

Some of the new stuff:

More supported def icons.

Fix to DOpus when selecting many files to be viewed or played.

Shapshoter update

New version of Boing icon Bar

New updated HD-Audio driver that will work on more hardware and mute when headphones are inserted.

Updated wi-fi driver and usb network driver.

Warm reboot works again.

Updated system files and other minor changes.

Have fun.