Finaly it is ready

Post date: 27.sep.2012 18:47:19

After long time updating testing to be sure it is as good as possible AspireOS - Timekeepers is ready for you.

For future versions (updates) I will find a way to update AspireOS more easy than before.

There will not be an update for older installations.

Sorry about that, but that where simply very difficult to arrange.

What I can promisse you is that if you do a clean installation of "Timekeepers" it will be supported for long time. I feel timekeepers is as polished as I always wanted AspireOS to be. This version works great on supported hardware and in many ways I look at it as a finshed product for what it is (Advanced Amiga OS 3.1 clone with the limitations like Memory Protection etc. that can not be done without breaking compatiblity.). Next clean AspireOS live-cd must be with AROS abi v.1 or something AROS NG. Anyway, AspireOS codename "Timekeepers" will be updated as long as there is something to update. Maybe in a year or 2, we can close this classic AspireOS version and put v.2.0 on it.

I don't have any exciting news to you about the software included, but as many know BSzili is porting games as crazy, so next for me must be to update the games package.

Anyway here is a little list of what is new:

wifi scanning tool from Neil. Thx for that one, very handy.

Annotate - advanced editor for programers

New Wookiechat version - Thx to Fishy for uploading it to the archives.

Fixed problem with downloading youtube videos. Thx to Fab for updating the script. You can not stram anymore, but downloading and playing the files with mplayer works fine.

You can even click on the files while downloading and they will start playing.

Olivier cleaned up the code in Boing icon Bar so it behaves more responsive.

Original AmigaOS 3.1 theme for faster OS response in some operations.

New wallpapers from Shufflepuck and many more that I forgot ;)

Sometime this weekend I will make some kind of demo, turtorial video of "Timekeepers" and announce it on Amigaworld.

Stay tuned and as always have fun :D