Programs and games in this list are tested and work well with AspireOS.

You can find lot's of other software in the AROS archives, but no garantee to work.

In some cases software might be harmfull to your setup. Remember to always take backup.


Milky Tracker - Module replay and user experience of the popular DOS program Fasttracker II, with special playback modes available for improved Amiga ProTracker 2/3 compatibility.

Protrekkr - Advanced Tracker with lot's of features. Very high quality.

Audio Evolution 4 - Program for multitrack recording and editing.


FPSE - Playstation 1 emulator

MAME - Muliti arcade machine emulator

ScummVM - Classic adventure game emulator

DOS Box - Classic DOS games emulation

ZSnes - Super Nintendo emulator

File Management

Directory Opus 5.91 Megellan II - Very advanced program that can even be a fully replacement for Wanderer or Workbench.


There are lot's of games to try out. Here you will find most of them.


GrafX2 - Painting program with layers and animation support. Much like the classic DPaint for Amiga,

ZunePaint - paint, image manipulation program.

Snapshoter - snapshot whatever you see on screen and manipulate it

LoVIew - Picture viewer with thumbnail support


YAM - E-mail program

Commercial Software

Hollywood - Multimedia-oriented programming language

Tower 57 - Motern twist of the classic game Chaos Engine - Very highly rated platform game.

Worthy - Puzzle released for A500 in 2018. This is a great game and can be run from Janus-UAE under Amiga 68k Emulation.

Quake I, 2 and 3 - Here you can find the .exe files for the AROS versions of the games. You will have to find the data files elsewhere.

Return to castle wolfenstein - Link to the .exe file. You will have to get the data files elsewhere.

Maker 3D - The 3D RPG Maker