AspireOS History

AspireOS version 1.0 where released 15th July 2011 codename "Back in Black"

AspireOS update 1.1 released 16th August 2011 codename "Powerage"

AspireOS update 1.2 released 24th September 2011 codename "High Voltage"

AspireOS update 1.3 released 22th October 2011 codename "High Voltage mk2"

AspireOS update 1.4 released 21th November 2011 codename "Who Made Who"

AspireOS update 1.5 release 24th Desember 2011 codename "Who Made Who mk2"

AspireOS version 1.6 released 29th January 2012 codename "Let there be rock"

AspireOS version 1.7 released 8th March 2012 codename "Let there be rock mk2"

AspireOS version 1.8 released 8th April 2012 codename "Stardust"

AspireOS version 1.9 update released 3th June 2012 codename "Apocalypse"

AspireOS version 1.95 released 27rh October 2012 codename "Timekeepers"

AspireOS version 1.97 released 27th Desember 2012 codename "Revelation"

AspireOS version 1.98 released 5th July 2013 codename "Xenon"

AspireOS version 2.00 released 12th February 2018 codename "Titan"

AspireOS version 2.10 released 24th August 2018. codename "Worthy"

AspireOS version 2.20 released 12th November 2018 codename "Obitus"

AspireOS version 2.22 released 27th November 2018 codename "Obitus"

AspireOS update v.1 released 13th Desember 2018 for codename "Obitus"

AspireOS update v.1.1 released 29th Desember 2018 for codename "Obitus"

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