Video overlay is on the way

Post date: 15.aug.2011 19:37:19

With the help from this people, video overlay is now on the way.

Lets hope the developer will have this ready in a couple of months.

When it is done and everyone have paid i will move the list of donors to the thanks page.

This people made Video overlay for AROS a reality.

Aha (Andreas H.) will donate 25$, thx

Alan Fullarton will donate 25$, thx

Altea will donate 25$, thx

Boredoflife2005 will donate 30£, thx

Clusteruk (Steven) will donate 40$, thx

Fabio will donate 25$, thx

GreenNight will donate 25 $, thx

MMartinka will donate 20 Euro, thx

Nikos will donate 200$

Olivier will donate 20 Euro, thx

Stefan will donate 20 Euro, thx

Xenon will donate 20 Euro, thx

Video overlay is any technique used to display a video window on a computer display while bypassing the chain of CPU -> graphics card ->computer monitor. This is done in order to speed up the video display, and it is commonly used, for example, by TV tuner cards and early 3D graphics accelerator cards. The term is also used to describe the annotation or inclusion of interactivity on online videos, such as overlay advertising (mid-roll overlay