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Welcome to Philosophy HUB (student) pages. You will find here all the information you will need to navigate through your studies with us. If you have any question that cannot be answered in these pages, please contact your personal academic tutor (for academic issues) or (for any other question).

National Student Survey 2021

The National Student Survey 2021 will launch at the University of Sheffield on Monday 8 February and close on Friday 30 April. The National Student Survey (NSS) is targeted mostly at final year undergraduates in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and participating Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Scotland.

The survey provides students with an opportunity to make their opinions on their higher education student experience count at a national level. The results are analysed and used to compile a year on year comparison of data which:

  • helps prospective students make informed choices of where and what to study;

  • enables institutions to identify and improve in areas where they may have let their students down.

you said, we did!

We have made so many changes to our degrees and how the department is run in response to student feedback that we cannot name them all. But here are some of the positive changes that have been made in the last two years!

· You said that there was too much assessment in the second year

o We have thought a lot about this and after much discussion we have replaced the mid-term essay with either an optional formative essay or shorter essay.

· You said that there was not enough written assessment in the 1st year

o This is another item that we have thought long and hard about. To address this we have introduced a new Writing Module. And we are investigating how to replace the current micro-essays with longer peer-assessed essays.

· You said you preferred to submit coursework online and for the grading to be online

o This has now been rolled out for all modules at all levels

· You said the old module allocation system where places were allocated on a first come first served basis was unfair.

o We introduced a new online pre-allocation system, which gives fair choices to students and ensures a fairer distribution of modules.

· You asked us to be more accommodating of trans students

o We have made some of the department toilets gender neutral, and have an Equality & Diversity Committee which offers a positive environment for raising trans issues

· You wanted lecture recording

o The department initiated this before it was rolled out as default across the faculty.

· You said we should have diversified reading lists

o This is an ongoing project we are working on. We have established Equality & Diversity Committee to focus on such issues.