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Welcome to the Philosophy Student Hub!

Here, you will find all the information you will need to navigate through your studies with us.  If you have any question that cannot be answered in these pages, please contact your personal academic tutor (for academic issues) or philosophy@sheffield.ac.uk (for any other question). 

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You said, we did!

We have made so many changes to our degrees and how the department is run in response to student feedback that we cannot name them all. But here are some of the positive changes that have been made in recent years... 

You said that there was too much assessment in the second year

We have thought a lot about this and after much discussion we have replaced the mid-term essay with either an optional formative essay or shorter 

You requested the re-introduction of the UG Conference  

    Simon Thornton is currently forming a student committee to  help with the organisation of this event, we are looking to  hold a  UG Conference  very 

You asked us to be more accommodating of trans students

We have made some of the department toilets gender neutral, and have an Equality & Diversity Committee which offers a positive environment for raising trans issues

You said we should have diversified reading lists

This is an ongoing project we are working on. We have established Equality & Diversity Committee to focus on such issues.

You requested more EDI information to be included in our Induction Week planning

    From the aforementioned Equality & Diversity Committee, we established that more EDI topics should be included in our Induction Week
    programme for new incoming students.