NCEA Level 2 Mathematics


This course is intended for students who have gained a minimum of 14 credits in Mathematics at Level 1. This course allows students to continue onto NCEA Level 3 Statistics or Financial Literacy when studying for NCEA Level 3.

Course content

  • Solving practical trigonometry problems
  • Applying sequences and series to real-life situations
  • Introduction to critical statistical thinking
  • Using sample statistics to make inferences
  • Conducting statistical experiments
  • Applying probability methods
  • Introduction to normal distribution

Qualification gained

Full course completion - 18 credits in NCEA Level 2 Mathematics

Entry requirements

At least 14 credits in NCEA Level 1 Mathematics

Next step

NCEA Level 3 Mathematics - Statistics and Modelling, NCEA Level 3 Mathematics - Financial Literacy

Achievement Standard

91258 2.3 2 Credit Internal Apply sequences and series in solving problems

91259 2.4 3 Credit Internal Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems

91264 2.9 4 Credit Internal Use statistical methods to make an inference

91265 2.10 3 Credit Internal Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using statistical methods

91267 2.12 4 Credit External Apply probability methods in solving problems

91268 2.13 2 Credit Internal Investigate a situation involving elements on chance using a simulation

Course contribution

Workbooks $25

A graphical calculator (approx $100) is required