NCEA Level 3 Spanish


  • Use language variably and effectively to express and justify your own ideas and opinions and support or challenge those of others
  • Use and identify the linguistic and cultural forms that guide interpretation and enable you to respond critically to texts
  • Communicate information, ideas and opinions through increasingly complex and varied texts
  • Explore the views of others developing and sharing personal perspectives
  • Engage in sustained interaction and produce extended text

Course Content

Students will have the opportunity to select topics that they are interested in, these could include:

  • Translation
  • Immigration and racism
  • Environmental issues
  • An introduction to Spanish literature, which may include a film study and some other Spanish texts.
  • Well known Spanish people
  • A cultural topic - art or artist, musician
  • Latin music

As part of your Internal assessment component you will create an interaction portfolio and either a writing portfolio or a speech.


There are three internal assessment tasks to choose from, you will complete two. The interaction standard is compulsory, you will choose between the speech and the writing portfolio. Externally assessed standards are examined nationally at the end of the year.

Qualification Gained

Full course completion - 19 or 21 credits in NCEA Spanish Level 3

In consultation with your teacher there may be a possibility for some students to complete a maximum of 24 credits

This subject has links with

French, English, History, Geography, Economics, Travel and Tourism, Commerce and Trade

Entry Requirements

NCEA Spanish Level 2

Next Step

University courses in Humanities, Education, Travel and Tourism, International Business, Law, Science and Research, travel and work overseas.

Achievement Standards

  • 91568 3.1 5 Credits External Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended spoken Spanish texts
  • 91569 3.2 3 Credits Internal Give a clear spoken presentation in Spanish that communicates a critical response to stimulus material
  • 91570 3.3 6 Credits Internal Interact clearly using spoken Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives in different situations
  • 91571 3.4 5 Credits External Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended written and/or visual Spanish texts
  • 91572 3.5 5 Credits Internal Write a variety of text types in clear Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives

Students will choose between Achievement Standards 3.2 and 3.5

Course Contribution

Workbooks and subscriptions to online resources $70