Senior School Handbook


The Senior School Program 

Choosing your subjects for Senior School is very important as your initial selections can affect the options that are available to you in your final years at school. 

The handbook has been designed to help you pick a program that will suit your interests, plans and future study needs. The first section explains what subjects are offered in Year 10 and the guidelines for choosing them. The following section explains what is required to get your VCE or VCE-VM Certificate and explains the different ways you can go about it. The subject options and specific requirements for each year level are discussed. 

Finally, the units being offered at Roxburgh College are briefly described and the work requirements have also been outlined so that you have some idea of what to expect. The VCE-VM (Victorian Certificate of EducationVocational Major) is an applied learning alternative to the VCE (Victorian Cetificate of Education) and is designed for students who want their education to be based on work skills and future employment. The VCE-VM can also lead on to TAFE studies and further Tertiary education and/or Traineeships. 

You will get the support and advice that you need when making your final selections, however you will also need to make good use of your CEPs and counselling sessions, getting advice from your Careers teacher, Coordinators, and Senior School Leaders. In summary, you should research all of the programs, check the current VTAC Guide and discuss your options very carefully with your parents in order to make a fully informed decision. 

Use the pathways chart to give you guidance of what subjects may benefit you.