Shadow Accord is a LARP under NW LARPers. Shadow Accord is focused on historical low fantasy immersion and creative storytelling.


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Shadow Accord stands with Black Lives Matter.

As of June 2020, our Heads of Staff and Executive Officers for Shadow Accord and the Board of Directors for NW LARPers are actively working on analyzing our policies, lore, and rules and updating them as required to not only be inclusive but also anti-racist. The Heads, XOs, and Board are currently predominately white. We are aware that, as of now, our LARP is set out to be highly Eurocentric; we are open to discussing, creating, and changing lore to include other cultures with prospective players.

If you experience something on this site, on either our official Facebook page or Discord server, or at any of our official events that does not represent the anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, and otherwise inclusive atmosphere we strive for, please let us know at Specific updates to the website may be requested by emailing We reserve the right to implement only updates and changes we see as helpful and progressive. Thank you for helping us grow.

Shadow Accord takes place at Sound View Camp in Longbranch, Washington.

Due to COVID-19 concerns and mandated isolations, our April event was canceled. Our June 2020 event is currently still planned.

Useful Links

Northwest LARPers: our parent organization

Official Shadow Accord Facebook page: the primary social hub

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