Trains du soir /Train in evening

section of museum: surrealism

name of artist: Paul Devaux

title of the work of art: Trains du soir /Train in evening

date created: 1957

source(s) used:

writing prompt: A woman waiting for her husband with her children

historical fiction: The night air was chilly as Mrs.Smith held her youngest sons hand as her and her 3 children walked down the street that her children went to school on. She made sure that she had laid out everything to make dinner for the night and made sure that she had ironed her husband Edward’s tie and laid his suit for tomorrow out. She was very excited to see her husband tonight and because she had learned how to make a new casserole from talking with her neighbors earlier in the morning,the thought of him loving this new dish made her quicken her step and walked very fast in the direction of the train stop. When she had arrived it was 4:28 she knew that his train would be here in only 2 more minutes, this made her very happy to not be late this time around. As the two minutes had come to an end the next 5 seemed to go by far too slow. His train was very late and Mrs.Smith was not happy. She began tapping her foot as she watched her older daughter susan and her younger daughter emily playing in the nearby garden and gentle held her youngest robert. She knew when it was 5:00 that he wouldn’t be making it home for a much longer time, she took her children home in the dark of night and this time with a lot let energy and joy in her walk.