Green Violinist

section of museum: School of Paris

name of artist: Marc Chagall

title of the work of art: The Green Violinist

date created: 1924

writing prompt: Ravaged by a lack of money, food, moral, directly after WWI, in the midst of a civil war, with the christian religion being shunned, there’s an artist dedicated to his instrument, the violin, who tries to make music under terrible conditions. How does it go?

historical fiction: One day a man was walking by a Russian mint, when he fell into a vat of nothing because Russia had no money, and came out a crisp Ruble, and as is tradition was given a violin to appease the Ruble violin gods, and thus the green violinist became the first Russian national hero. He would go from town to town handing out gum to starving children, doing his weird russian dance while playing the violin, and spreading his anti-christian agenda. A real 1920’s Russian man’s man. But while he was in the midst of hymn about how jesus was actually an alien, he was interrupted by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who wished to cut up Ruble man and distribute him equally to all the Russian citizens. Ruble man didn’t like that, so he ran at Marx, and shaved his beard, but he left the mustache, because moustachioed men are the worst kind, ex: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Burt reynolds. Marx was distraught, and flew away, the green violinist played a tune, and Marc Chagall captured this brilliant moment on his canvas, which is now hanging in our art museum here at arvada high.