A Portrait of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and His Wife

section of museum: Neoclassicalism

name of artist: Jacques-Louis David

title of the work of art: Portrait de Lavoisier et de sa femme

date work of art was created: 1788

source(s) used for your historical fiction: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portrait_of_Antoine-Laurent_Lavoisier_and_his_wife



writing prompt: How far will I go?

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): My name is Antoine-Laurent, and I am famous for many things. I recognized and named oxygen and hydrogen. I helped construct the metric system and wrote the first list of elements. Everyone looked up to me and let me tell you, it was amazing while it lasted. I was named “Father of modern Chemistry” because of all of the things that I had discovered. I had a portrait of me and my wife painted in 1788, but I was forced to take it down and get rid of it in 1789, due to political reasons. During the French Revolution, I was a part of the tobacco and gunpowder business. I was later accused of 5 different thing, including adding water to tobacco before selling it, which ultimately lead to me being guillotined on May 8, 1794. After my execution, my portrait still remained and my wife later passed it down to her great niece in 1836, who kept it in the family collection along with her descendants until 1924 when it was purchased and placed in Metropolitan Museum in 1977. And that is the basics of my life and the telling of my portrait.