Sainte Chapelle

section of museum: Gothic Art

name of artist: Unknown

title of the work of art: La Sainte Chapelle

date work of art was created: Unknown

source(s) used for your historical fiction:, ,

writing prompt: Stained Glass In The Making

historical fiction (8-10 sentences):

Rosa and Louis IX had been discussing building a stained glass piece somewhere for the public to see, the way this discussion came about was because the family was in the kitchen making dinner and hanging out, and Eva brought it up,

“What if we took mom’s art skills, and your (Louis IX) building skills and made this huge gigantic stained glass?”

“That sounds like a great idea!... but where would we build it? And how would we get enough supplies? And how would we have enough money?” Louis IX replied with.

“Well we could use what we have here to start with” Rosa chimed in.

“What if we used the materials we have here since mom likes to craft, and you (Louis IX) like to build, and then I (Eva) could start a fundraiser while you guys are working on building the stained glass window?” Eva said.

“That sounds like a great idea!! Now, where would we build it?”

“We could-”

“Oh I got it!! We could build it at the museum!” Eva interrupted.

Louis IX had ventured out in Paris and went to multiple places to see where he could build the stained glass window, the only place that allowed him to build it was the Sainte Chapelle. Louis IX and Rosa agreed to build the stained glass there, it took about 7 years because of complications and simply because it was a big project.

They were ready to build and found out that there was already a lot of stained glass windows, there were 15 windows and they were 15 meters high. The person who took care of the church asked Louis IX and Rosa if they would be okay with restoring the already built stained glass, Louis IX and Rosa agreed, so they started restoring the stained glass. As they were building Louis IX and Rosa started to wonder why the stained glass was built, so they asked Roberto.

“It was built to house some of the most precious and important christian relics. This is including the Crown of Thorns that was worn by Jesus Christ when he was crucified.” Roberto explained.

“Within the 15 stained glass windows, there are 1,113 scenes taken from the old and the new testament. The scenes tell/represent the story of the Bible and also how the holy relics made their way to Paris.” Alberto further explained.

“Wow! That is super cool, I feel honored I can restore this!” Louis IX replied.

About 5 years later the stained glass was almost all restored, people would go to church as usual even though the stained glass was in the middle of being repaired, and all the people who went to church were so delighted to see the stained glass was being repaired, they couldn't wait to see the end result. The way they described it was the metal was dingy, the glass was losing the beautiful vibrant colors, some of the glass was even coming off. They wanted to see nice polished metal, vibrant colors, and glass that wasn't falling apart, but they didn't want the glass or anything to be altered in any way shape or form, all they wanted was the glass and metal to be repaired, and that's exactly what they got. 2 years later the stained glass was all repaired and finished. Everybody was so thrilled, The stained glass got popular, even though it always was popular, more people visited it and it became a very well known place, people go to Paris just to visit the stained glass.