The Third of May

section of museum:

name of artist: Francisco Goya

title of the work of art: 3rd of may

date work of art was created: 1814

source(s) used for your historical fiction:

writing prompt: The invasion

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): It was a wonderful day the sun is shining and the birds are chirping William and john had just woken up to the news that Napoleon was in town and was meeting with king Charles IV for a agreement to an alliance. Now this was typically good news because everyone knows that Napoleon is on a mission to control the world. So as John and William hear the good news they decided after work they are gonna get a few drinks to celebrate. So John and William go to work in the markets and as they are working John notice that a bunch of soldiers are entering Spain John informed William but William just said that they must be passing though and that seemed to ease John’s mind for awhile. until they hear the roaring sounds of gunshots not know what's going on they run outside to see the horrible sight of women and children running and screaming while the men were unarmed trying to protect their families. John and William immediately run back inside and secure themselves inside finding the closest weapon in sight. As the screams continue john and William decide to lay low and hope no one tries to enter. But just as they were thinking that BOOM BOOM BOOM at the door the soldiers have enter and john and William have already exited through the back door and are running for their lives. When they finally think they are far enough they stop and rest coming upon a group of people hiding out in barn and they explain what is happening and that king Charles had already died but they have been able to take some of the soldiers down and have received their guns and planning on rebelling asking john and William if the would join them. John and William except only because it's their home land and they will die if they are on their own. This rebellion only goes on only for a few day as tho they are outnumbered but they continue to rebel only to be captured on May 3rd and massacred putting an end to the rebellion.