The Old Guitarist

section of museum: Picasso

name of artist: Pablo Picasso

title of the work of art: The Old Guitarist

date work of art was created: 1903 – early 1904

source(s) used for your historical fiction: On This Day, The John Fox, AHS Museum

writing prompt: A Man’s Best Friend

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): An elder who lives on the street of Barcelona, Spain lay with his head hanging low embracing his hollow friend. A resting face of peacefulness, but blue like the sea which washes over his tattered clothes, covering his icy skin. At one point in time. There was a smile, a mate with life. A visit to listen to the song of the wooded friend. The song of the lonely heart. Antonio Peña y Goñi a fellow at a young age of 50 left the life of lyrics in the cold November of 1896. The ending of a friendship sang through the melody of his sore throat . To the friend, he lost in 1901. Jose Rogel was his name. Rest in the soft spring of February. Thus he played his hollow friend, to mourn the losses of his companion. As he lay, deep in his dream, never to be awake again. His partner stands next to him, from the very start till his last breath.