Bonaparte on the Bridge of Arcole

section of museum: Romanticism

name of artist: Jean Antoine Gros

title of the work of art: “Bonaparte on the Bridge of Arcole”

source(s) used:

writing prompt: What lies on the other side of the bridge?

historical fiction: It’s November 17th, 1796, Napoleon and his men have just secured the west side of the Arcole bridge and are preparing to push across and secure the town of Arcole. General Alvince’s men had fought well but Napoleon’s men fought harder and had came out on top, Napoleon’s campaign depended on capturing the town, and things were looking bright. After short rest Napoleon saw that his men were still tired, so he took a flag from one his men and rallied his troops. He turned to the bridge and they charged, Napoleon the first one across and onto the battlefield inspired his men to fight one last battle, in lines across the bridge and scattered through the ditch below they crossed into the unknown willing to die for their leader and prove their strength. Charging into gun fire and destruction Napoleon was amazingly unharmed, after a short period of fighting one of Napoleon’s men pulled him into a ditch to keep him safe. After this third and final day of the battle of Arcole they captured the town and celebrated all night. Napoleon was named a glorious leader and his men fierce and brave warriors.