Leo Von Klenze

section of museum: German

name of artist: Leo Von Klenze

title of the work of art: Piazza Contarena

date work of art was created:

source(s) used for your historical fiction: Florence-on-line, visit tuscany

writing prompt: you are a resident of the square what is it like

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): The year is 1789 and you live in one of the one room flats around the Piazza della Liberta in Florence. There was always something strange about this square you thought in your mind. Of course you never dared to say this out loud to anyone but yourself. Until one day… The day started out as any ordinary day, you wake up head across the room to the wash basin and splash some rather mucky water unto your grisly face. Then you go to get dressed and get a very strange tingle down your spine and the hairs go upright. You stop and look around, “nothing is there” you think. You continue to the familiar breakfast sight of cold porridge (nobody had money for stoves and thus you make a pot of porridge on the community stove every Sunday evening). When you finally walk outside into the smothering heat and humidity that a typical summer day in Florence brings, you hear a strange noise, sort of like what you would hear if you were to put a mouse or such under your shoe and stomp on it. Then in the corner of your eye you see a grey mass of something. You turn and look you are horrified to find that your eyes inform you that you are face to face with what could only be described as a wolf monster….