Don Quixote

section of museum:

name of artist: Pablo Picasso

title of the work of art: Don Quixote

date created: 1955

source(s) used:

writing prompt: Write a story that has a dilemma based on the history but it also mixes in with the historical fiction.

historical fiction: I was at the local restaurant doing some of my studies there. Every week I come back to my small town of Deina from the University I attend in Murcia studying Literature. I am currently reading about old mythology and each of their stories analyzing why they were created. All of a sudden these two unfamiliar men come into the restaurant. They do not look like they're from Denia nor any other city around the east coast of Spain. He comes up to one of the waitresses introducing himself. His name was Don Quixote and with him was a man named Sancho. Quixote follows up with a question asking for help finding someone, something, The waitress did not hear of such a thing. Then he repeated it again. “Where is the princess?” said Quixote. “Where is she?!?”. Everyone was unsure what Quixote was asking. There is no princess of Denia. Quixote points at me and asks me, “Do you know the princess?”. “No sir. There is no princess around this town or any town around here”. He then mentions a book of a helpless romantic that so happened to be a book I have read before for one of my classes at the university. The way he explained the points of the in a rhetorical fashion was interesting to me. Not so much as the others in the restaurant since Denia isn’t the best town with education. As he went on about the book, I started turning into a helpless romantic. Falling in love with Don Quixote. When Sancho realized no one was interested he told Don Quixote to that they need to go. Don Quixote looked at me and all of my work and said “Keep doing what you are doing miss. Being intelligent shows your beauty”, and off he went. After that day I wondered what Don Quixote was doing? His purpose of finding this princess. I may never know.