The Little Owl

section of museum: Renaissance

name of artist: Albrecht Durer

title of the work of art: The Little Owl

date work of art was created: 1506

source(s) used for your historical fiction:

writing prompt: The artist’s wife point of view from around the time the painting was created and the artist after life.

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): Albrecht Durer, my husband was such a humble man. It was 1508 when one of his most famous paintings came to light, “The Little Owl”; he was well known for his mathematically accurate watercolor paintings and being inspired by his love for me and his talent. We had our fair share of arguments and issues but I, Agnes Frey thou shall never leave the man I love. “The Little Owl” was his way of expressing his love and compassion for me. After our marriage we moved to Venice, Italy where his own artistic style appeared. He was a one of a kind man with one of a kind art. He was heavily persuaded by Bellini and Pollaiuolo, he could never shut up about those two. Watching the sparkle in his eyes when he talked about his passions and influences really led me to believe he would live a long fulfilled life full of beauty and art. Although his death came twenty years later in 1528 from Malaria he never lost that sparkle, that love for what he was best at. His arthritis and illness may have physically stopped him from painting but it never took away his love for it, much like his death never took away my love from him. May our Little Owl live on as he is my inspiration to live on myself, to spread his story to the world. I love you; my Little Owl.