Mona Lisa

name of artist: Leonardo da Vinci

title of the work of art: Mona Lisa

date created: 1503

writing prompt: Leonardo da Vinci has finished drawing the Mona Lisa.

historical fiction:

Alexander was traveling the big open world when he decided to settle down in Florence, Italy 1503. One day Alexander was walking down a street, when he saw a man presenting a wonderful painting. Alexander came up to the man and asked what was the price of the painting. The man replied with a no, the painting is not for sale. Alexander tried to buy the painting but the man kept on refusing the offer. Alexander later on found out that that man was Leonardo da Vinci, the greatest artist to ever exist. Alexander was so fascinated by the painting that he has resorted to theft. When the night has fallen and it became dark. Alexander broke into the building where the painting was held. He grabbed the painting and started to run. But as soon as he exited the building, a guard caught Alexander doing the crime. Thus Alexander was thrown in prison and sentenced for ten year. In prison, Alexander came to the conclusion that the painting is not worth the wait so he gave up on it. After ten years, Alexander was released from prison.