Sinbad The Sailor

section of museum: Expressionism

name of artist: Paul Klee

title of the work of art: Sinbad the Sailor

date work of art was created: Around 1928

source(s) used for your historical fiction:

writing prompt: Write a story about Sinbad’s voyages throughout his life, and one in particular and in great detail

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): Sailing the sea’s is not an easy task, Sinbad the Sailor knows that very well. With his flimsy wooden boat Sinbad encounters many dangerous creatures. Sinbad does not care though, as a trader, trading is the only way Sinbad can make any money. Whatever he encounters he will always fight and survive. Sinbad fights the most dangerous such as cannibals, dwarfs, serpents, and crocs. He is a fearless man who always faces what's in front of him.

There was one particular night, in 800 AD, Sinbad was sailing the seas in midnight, he had just finished trading in Baghdad and was heading towards Basra. All of a sudden, he notices a creature approaching his raft in incredible speeds. Sinbad in response, grabs his spear and points it towards the creature. Upon further observation, Sinbad sees that the creature was not alone, as he noticed that not one but three are approaching his raft. Sinbad assessed the situation and decides that he will stab the first creature that approaches him, in hopes that the other sea monsters will be scared and swim away. As the giant sea monster lunged at him, with all his might, Sinbad stabs the creature. The other creatures in response, swims away quickly. Sinbad than cleans his spear and continues his journey to Basra.