The Yellow Christ

section of museum: Post-Impressionism

name of artist: Paul Gaugin

title of the work of art: yellow christ

date work of art was created: 1889

source(s) used for your historical fiction: Le Christ Jaune

writing prompt: The yellow christ fictional story

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): John first visited Italy in 1886 and became fascinated with its history, folklore, and rituals.As he returns back to the village in early 1888 to stay until mid fall, when he left to join christian in Arles, for little more than two months. Early in 1889, John was back to Italy to stay there until spring. John fell more in Love with Italy itself and all the rich history and storytelling that local villages told. As John became more interested he had decided to create a piece of art that shows how he felt about the isolated life and piety of the peasants in that time of bad people back from his old village. John stayed up countless nights to create his best masterpiece that will soon change everyone's view point. As blood sweat and tears went into his art work, it will soon pay off. When John touches a pencil or a brush he is in his safe place. Ever since he was a kid he never liked playing around with the other boys outside. So he stayed inside and drew ever since he could walk. This painting drew millions of people in form all over the world. Showing his feelings and creativity, now he is not that weird kid who stayed inside and drew with all that he has.