The Little Owl

section of museum: renaissance

name of artist: Albrecht Durer

title of the work of art: The little owl

date created: 1508

historical fiction:

“Flaps” he heard it. He tilted his head he must have heard it! Sitting there silently, waiting for the chance. Just waiting for it to come into view. As I blink he’s gone, I heard a small squeal of pain from the bird that the owl was stalking. He must have killed it, using stealth he hid himself among the leaves of the tree. This gave Sitting Bull an idea that he was suppose to witness this and that nature was trying to show him how to fight in the next battle. He would attack at night to hide his army and attack when they are asleep so it would be harder for the enemy troops to fight back. I went back to the meeting with Crazy Horse to tell him of my insight of nature. Crazy horse had agreed with my plan as it seemed very reasonable and would reduce the casualties if we were to lose from this. And with this, They set out towards Montana. As we approached we sent a scout to see the best place to attack from. He had said next to the lake due to it being less occupied. And from here we will fight at night and win I had hoped.