Frida Kahlo

name of artist: Frida Kahlo

title of the work of art: Portrait 1943

date work of art was created: 1943

source(s) used for your historical fiction:

writing prompt: Emotional battle (first person POV)

historical fiction (8-10 sentences): Being born in Mexico, during the mexican revolution, was as bad as you might think it was. Multiple times I was almost shot, killed and splattered all over the street, but I was not. A lot of family and friends, were not as lucky as I. I did fight although, I attacked and I got attacked, which gave me inspiration for my art.

I then met Diego, my lover. It was fiery and hot, in both the bad and the good ways. He was like me, an artist and deeply involved in the violence of the Mexican revolution. We were passionate. No matter how much we fought in the fire, personally and socially, he made me love myself. My self portraits are a reflection of that. Our love, my battles, my story.

Now I lay on my deathbed and I hope that my art tells my story in the way I’ve decided to tell it.