The Card Players

section of museum: Impressionist

name of artist: Paul C├ęzanne

title of the work of art: The Card Players

date work of art was created: Around 1892

source(s) used for your historical fiction:

writing prompt: Two friends meet at a pub for a friendly game of cards. How do they get there?

historical fiction (8-10 sentences):

Work just let out for Paulet Alcubierre, a middle aged gardener of medium build with dark eyes. He does, however, appear to be a gardener at first glance. He is well dressed in an overcoat which fit him beautifully, dark pants, his hair covered by a simple hat; He might not be an aristocrat, but well of for his social position. The rain that night made for a dreary mood which did not surprisingly reflect on the mood of Paulet, he was in a good mood for it was cards night at the pub! He was in a hurry, for he had been reorganising his things and had lost track of the time and had to dress frantically in order to catch the train in to town, where he met at 10 on a weekly basis with friends to play cards. He was running when he arrived at the train station. He reached the ticketmaster and wished to purchase a ticket into towne. When he reached into his pocket for change his wallet was caught on a piece of thread which he seemed to be unable to break free of. This would not have normally been an issue but, as stated earlier he was already running late, and the train was already making the all call as such. He managed to break free of the thread, and pay the ticket master. He purchased his ticket and boarded the train, which was on its way out by the time he got to the platform, and journeyed without incident to meet his good friends.