Liberty Leading the People

The rowdy and restless men prepare themselves, wearing whatever armor they could put together and cleaning their best weapons, Garrett moves through the crowd, Tom not far from his side he moves to a large tent and opens the small way through, standing there was the leader of the rebellion her long brown curling hair free from any bun or tie she wore a simple gown as she cleans her musket “My Lady.” Garrett says taking off his hat “The men are restless they-” “I am nobody's lady Garrett, if the men are ready, they shall face this oppression and i will lead the charge.” Garrett looks at Lady Liberty with a surprised look “But, you aren’t wearing a uniform or any armor?” Lady Liberty looks over her shoulder to Garrett “And tell me, what will happen if i die? Many will hear of my death and be inspired, not stricken down, i will be a martyr, you can’t kill liberty, i am an idea a belief.” Garrett puts his hat back on, then peeking his head through the tent was the small boy “C’mon ya numpty let’s go fight!” The boy had fire, and thus Lady Liberty decreed to Garrett that he should fight. Tom enters the tent holding up his two flintlock pistols “I’m ready!” Lady Liberty smiles and walks towards the child “ -Are- you ready child?” Tom nods “Are you ready to fight for your land?” Tom nods twice “Are you ready to bleed for your country?” Tom nods jumping as he does. “Are you die for your country?” The excitement fades from the boy as he hangs his head down only to look up at Liberty and give a single nod.

Liberty stands before the large crowd of many “We stand here today to fight for our country! We go into battle and we will either be victorious and live..”

The crowd erupts into cheer and then let’s her continue.

“Or we will fail and die! But we will not die in vain! We will spark the fires of revolution and the fire will spread until it engulfs the country and from the ashes it will rise!”

With that Lady Liberty turns and charges, her musket in hand and was followed by the crowd, as Tom would go to charge, he feels a hand on his shoulder he looks up, irritated to see Garrett “Not you.” Tom shakes his arm free “No! Lady Liberty said i will fight!” Garrett shakes his head “No! Not today! Don’t fight today...go home and fight Tomorrow, carry the word of Lady Liberty, we can’t all die here.” Tom looks to the ground then back up at Garrett “Promise me you’ll come back…” Garrett sighs “Don’t worry pal, i will…” As Tom hugs Garrett he feels something in his hand, a silver locket “Farewell my friend, remember me.” Garrett turns and rushes to join the charge.