A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

section of museum: Post-Impressionism

name of artist: Georges Seurat

title of the work of art: A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

date work of art was created: 1884

https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/war/franco-chinese.htm ,https://irevolutions.org/2011/10/09/crisis-mapping-sino-french-war/

writing prompt: A french family goes to the park to spend time with the father who is about to leave for war,this leads to an interesting conversation and a family picnic next to a river which is depicted in the photo.

historical fiction (8-10 sentences):A Family of four walks down the glittering streets of France on their way to the river just short of their home they stroll and talk all the while the Mother and Father are chastising their children to stay out of the road. As they round the corner the park is just across the street Marie the mother has an unsettling look on her face as they cross the pebbled road finally reaching their destination.The park is crowded as they try to find a spot to sit down so their children can go play with the other children.The father Robinet carefully helps his wife to the floor before struggling down himself he looks at peace where his wife glances at him remembering that day; he came home after being injured at the meeting on June 23, 1884. Marie knows she’ll never forget that day hearing about the massacre of 22 French soldiers dead even the Colonel Dugenne was dead a man standing only three feet from her husband who was guarding the door. She didn't want to ruin the moment of serenity with questions after he had experienced that, she simply watched over her children relaxing with her husband.Robinette who against cliches was a comedian and didn’t change on his return joked around enjoying this break from battle with his family.He has noticed Marie's troubled face the whole day knows what it's from his righteous return came with some cost, he survived and protected who he could but still lost the leader of his battalions and his friends.When he hears the familiar shout of the caller announcing near the street that the year and a half war was near end and the government is requesting all possible soldiers to return to the front for the final race to the end, Rob sees his wife tenses up, Rob tries to joke around but marie shouts and causes a scene shouting “It’s not fair you almost died in this war,you deserve a break that isn’t only for injury Rob”Rob responded calmly”I didn’t die my friends did for the war it has to end.lats not start another one.”he walks away and goes to play with his children she stays standing near the tree to reserve their spot listening to the caller and watching her family with joy as the river calmly flows down worry still tickling her, peaceful thoughts.