The New Deal Documentaries



Students will work in pairs to produce and present an informational video that will inform the class on one of the events from the New Deal.

Videos should be approximately 3 minutes in length, and include informational narration and images that will present the information in a concise and clear manner.

Students will have to become familiar with the Spark Video [Adobe Voice] app on the iPads, research their topics, and write an original script.


  • Outline of topic from text - 15 points
  • Original script 2-3 minutes - 50 points
  • Documentary completion and presentation - 100 points


Outline readings that relate to your topic from the textbook. This will be the basis of your project and is key to developing your documentary. Continue research in the library with the sources below. Save information, images, etc. to your Google Drive and "share" to your partner. Write an original script that will be well-organized and identify pictures that will be used at each point in the script. Submit script for approval. Create your documentary using the Spark Video app on the iPad and "share" to publish. Equal Work! Equal Credit!


Topics with Page Numbers from Text and Essential Questions:

Upon completion of the presentation, students will be required to complete an essay question based upon their essential question.

  • Election of 1932 - (659, 664-665) - Identify and describe the factors that contributed to FDR's victory over Hoover in 1932.
  • AAA & CCC - (667, 672) - Describe how the AAA & CCC helped farmers and young men.
  • Role of Eleanor Roosevelt - (671-672) - How did Eleanor Roosevelt redefine the role of "First Lady"?
  • New Deal Under Attack - (668-670) - Identify and describe the major criticisms of FDR's New Deal.
  • PWA & WPA - (667, 673) - How did the PWA and WPA help to address unemployment? Were the attempts effective?
  • The New Deal's Impact on Women - (677-678) - Describe the impact the New Deal had on women.
  • Depression Era Art - (685-687) - Identify and describe two New Deal artists and explain how the Depression affected their work.
  • Depression Era Literature - (687-688) - Identify and describe two New Deal writers and explain how the New Deal affected their work.
  • Social Security Act - (675-676) - How does the Social Security Act specifically help the poor?
  • The New Deal's Impact on African-Americans - (678-679) - Describe the impact the New Deal had on African Americans.


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