The Garden- Free Verse

by Phoebe & Maia

Petals in the moonlight shine like diamond rings, cover grandma’s garden, birds will softly sing, sun comes up moon goes down, it worries me to see the colours of the flowers change so faintly.

Next night it rains as hard as snow, when daylight comes outside is cold, grass like frost snowflakes slowly falling.

Underground the roots a warm, happy with the soil.

Worms weaving between the tangled plant, looking for food.

Ants crawling through the cold silky grass with objects on their back.

Snails sliding on the dry leaves leaving a slimy trail.

Every animal doing their thing, hiding in their cosy homes.

About this poem: Me and Maia wrote this poem because wildlife inspires us quite a lot and we have always loved animals, plants and all other kinds of things that surround us.We also worked really good together.

The Beach

By Phoebe & Maia

I went to the beach to see what was there,

I started to cry because there was a bear,

to calm me down I ate a pear,

and then I wondered why he was there.

He had brown eyes like large blow flies,

and was covered in yummy blueberry pies.

All of a sudden I felt like screaming,

so I pinched myself,

in case I was dreaming.

About this poem: This poem is a rhyming couplet and me and my friend Maia wrote it because we think that bears can be pretty hilarious ( especially on a beach with blueberry pies) and we worked very good together because we each thought of different ideas and shared them with each other. We also collaborated and we never had any arguments.

The Garden 8.m4a
The Beach 31.m4a

Gymnastics- Haiku

By Phoebe

Gymnastics is fun,

I love to do lots of handsprings,

Walkovers are cool.

About this poem: I wrote this poem because I have loved gymnastics for a long time and It is really fun to do handsprings and walkovers on the trampoline, Gymnastics has always been one of my favourite sports because you can do so many things if you actually try and practice, I also want to become a gymnast when I am older.

Basketball- Haiku

By Phoebe

I like to play Basketball,

Bouncing the ball is fun,

I love to shoot hoops.

About this poem: I wrote this poem because basketball is my favourite sport to play and I love shooting hoops and bouncing the ball, I do training at coburg stadium and I’ve also been doing it at school with my sport teacher, Rebecca and my classmates.

Gymnastics 34.m4a
Basketball 24.m4a

The beautiful big Umbrella

By Phoebe

There once was a girl named Ella,

Who had a beautiful big umbrella,

She gave it to a friend,

Just to lend,

and got it back from a nice fella.

About this poem: This poem is a lymeric and I wrote it because It’s nice to lend people things and Umbrellas can be quite big and beautiful. I think that my poem turned out just how I wanted and limericks are one of my favourite types.

The Beautiful Umbrella 25.m4a