Gooey glue sticks to my hands.The hot bright sun and going for an long run. Lunch is an bun did mum do it for fun hun?.People lie in school that they need to go to the loo but they just want to talk and go “Whooo”. People think are school is great! But try opening the gate mate.T_T


I sit in a chair by myself blowing my bubbles and hear an crash i roll my eyes but then comes trouble..

On the double.She walks over in front of me and complains about her sushi.She huddles over to her Mum and starts to cuddle.She wines “YELP” because an little tiny bumble bee comes along and stings.Wow so humble i think to myself as i try not to laugh


I am a dog...

Running but Rushing free.The fresh wind brushes into my hair.My hot sun burns into my chocolate dipped eyes.You can chase me but i am a wild wind that i gave my breathe to.I’m cheeky and it’s easy for me to hide.I don’t talk when i’m with my clan.Till this day my heart is working and i hope it still will…

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They shall rest in peace as how we are .No one will make me remember them they will always be a part of our hearts we will remember them. when they sleep no one should talk when they are sleeping. as they grow old we will grow older.They were always by our side and they were fighting for this country I will put my foot down and they won't stay.

All the things I do

Skipping in the wild wind rushing onto me skin. Animals hiding while I was gliding. Flowers in the air the smell goes into my hair. I like smiling and some others do climbing. Heart beats fast after I got my puppy . helping my dad and jumping with excitement!

About Poem

"So i'm telling you why i got inspired to make the Anzac poem. I'm pretty sure most of you guys know why,Well I make the Anzac poem because i am thankful of the great souls that have saved us and more like others. They didn't have to go if they did not want to but they did they risked their lives. They stop wars and make peace but there are still bad people in our world but not all souls are good but you can change that. I hope that peace keeps going and some people that read this help and do other nice things,Kind hopes Sienna."

About Poem

"Hi i'm am telling you why I made the poem All the things I do. I made the poem all the things i do to tell others what i like and enjoy. It also reminds me of happy times. I think more young kids like me should remember and enjoy having an young life not say "UGH i can't wait till i'm grown up" it destroys adventure and that's why I made this poem, From Sienna"