Dan With A Cool Van

There once was a man called Dan

he had a very cool plan

He had a big fan

But ended up in a Van

And that was the end of his clan

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I did this poem because i love animals and it is my name and i love all of these poems. These are all my favourite animals.

Footy Is My Life [free verse]

Footy is rough like a angry rhino,

Also with smart plays like a clan of tigers hunting their prey,

With aim to win the premiership flag and be the best of all,

To be fit to play every game,

Go through bumpy rides and nice times,

But when you lose it's one of those times, like a roller coaster

But you have to reflect and go back and come up with a team plan,

When you win you get to sing the song and celebrate the victory,

The Smell Of Victory

I did this poem because i love footy and when i think of footy i feel happy and when i grow up i want to be a footy play when i grow up

Spring, green shoots, new leafs

Sunny and cloudy, rain, sun

Red nose itchy eyes

I did this poem because i get hay fever and spring is a nice season

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Colour Collingwood is black and white

Season 2010

Place MCG

Type of weather winter

Type of clothing black and white top

Piece of furniture Footy

TV show AFL match

Type of food pie