1.The Garden (Free Verse)

By Maia & Phoebe

Petals in the moonlight shine like diamond rings, cover grandma’s garden birds will softly sing. Sun comes up, the moon goes down, It worries me to see the colours of the flowers change so faintly. Next night it rains as hard as snow when daylight comes outside is cold. Grass like frost snowflakes slowly falling. Underground the roots are warm Happy with the soil. Worms are weaving between the tangled plant, looking for food. Ants crawling through the cold Silky grass With objects on their backs. snails sliding on the dry leaves Leaving a slimy trail behind them. Every animal doing a thing hiding in the cosy homes.

About Poem: Phoebe and I wrote this poem because the day we wrote it we had to write a nature poems and we wanted to not do a funny one so we wrote a free verse. I hope people will like this poem so everyone in the world can respect nature.

The garden by maia.m4a

2.Happiness Is… (Rhyming Couplet)

By Maia

A bit of craft just to start

Draw and write with one big bite

To cook with a big brown book

Chocolate cake I like to bake

My cat in a big black hat

Pictures of sloths and colourful cloths

Pigs doing jigs in bright orange wigs

Flowers in the breeze make me sneeze

About poem: I wrote this because our teacher said that we had to write a poem about yourself and I did one about me. I included things like my favourite animals, my hobbies and my sickness! I hope other people will like this poem and learn a little bit about me.

Happiness is.m4a

3.The Beach (Rhyming couplet)

By Maia & Phoebe

I went to the beach to see what was there

I started to cry because there was a bear

To calm me down I ate a pair

And then I wondered why he was there.

He had brown eyes like large blow flies

And was covered in yummy blueberry pies

All of a sudden I felt like screaming

So I pinched myself in case I was dreaming

About Poem: Phoebe and I wrote this poem because we didn’t want to write another limerick so we wrote something different, a Narrative Poem! I hope people will read this funny rhyming poem and see it in the way we do.

The Beach.m4a

4. Art (Free verse)

By Maia & Nina

If paint gets on your nose

Keep a-going

If you spill your dirty water

Keep a-going

Just try it with a rag

From your dusty old school bag

Keep a-trying never lying

Keep a-going

About Poem: Nina and I wrote this funny free verse because my teacher Julie said we had to do a school poem so we did a poem on art and its about if you have a problem small or big just cry a river build a bridge and get over it! That means whatever problem you have just fix it and don’t complain.

Keep a going.m4a
The stripy piece of paper.m4a

5.The stripy piece of paper(Limerick)

By Maia

There once was a stripy piece of paper

who had an arc enemy the stapler

he pinned him to the ground

and spun him around

and that was the end of that caper

About Poem: I wrote this poem because I wanted to write a funny poem about something strange, weird and very random. I hope people will like this poem just like me.