Soccer is so fun

It is an active game

Sometimes you win

i chose it because i love soccer

Hi my name is baggy

I have a pet named laggy

I always go to the park

He follows me like a shark

And does not play with a dog named faggy

About poem: I chose this poem because i was inspired by a friend and i love animals

Free and fun




Night or day


Team with friends

Everybody can play

i did a acrostic poem because it is a good way to get people to know it i chose it because fortnite is my favourite game and i got inspired by a friend.

I have a llama he does a big poo

He scares someone with a boo

He always fails

And wiggles his tail

The kept on trying and finally scared someone with a boo.

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I did a limerick i like rhyming and the humour i chose because this poem because i was inspired by a friend i love llamas.

Once there was a llama

he did not want a farmer

So he ate a dog

And went out with a fishing rod

And found a farmer

He pulled him in the sea

And never wanted a farmer.

I chose this because I love llamas and they are in my favourite game.