1. CollingwoodCollingwood is a strong team.They never give up in gamesIs my favourite team!
2. LauraIf I don’t find food, I get in a grumpy mood,and when I get to France, I do a little dance.While when I ski, I go yippee! I love to play with dogs and comfort them when they sob.I love ice-cream and waffles, ten times more than falafels.I like to say PINEAPPLE, but not go to chapels,And I like to cuddle bears and want to make things fair!So that is me as you can see, That I am fun and is now done.
3. SpecialistsSpecialist can be fun, but other things can be dumb.We go to each once a week,And do things that can end up sleek.
Every week in art,We continue from the last part.They sometimes and great,But can also finish a little late.
once a week in sportwe learn things that we get taughtwe learn and improveand end with a funky Groove
in music we get taught,something that we never thought. We learn and earn a new skill,that we don't need to use a windmill.
Italian to me can be boring,at least I don't end up snoring!We learn a new language and then eat our sandwich.
So that's what I think of specialistsyou may not think its the best list.so that's all what I think and know I am getting a drink.
4. EarthOxygen, it helps us to breath, live our daily live’s, and operate.We could not live without it.Trees help us produce more oxygen from carbon dioxide.We should treat our earth better,We need to treat it with love.If not tree’s will die and become less popular in our world.So more carbon dioxide and less oxygen.We need to stop pollution and find a great solution to keep us alive.
Why I wrote this poem-I want people to relize what our earth can do and why we need to treat it with respect.
5. PopcornThe corn kernels went POP!On and on without a STOP!They went on floorAnd out the doorAnd then the maid came and said MOP! MOP!
Why I wrote this poem-I wrote this limerick because pop and stop have lots of rhyming words and so they all got stuck in my head! So i poured them onto my paper.This also shows how much I love popcorn
6. Smile!Silly faced ones’sMade by your faceInnocent and guiltyLittle one’s and big one’sEmotion of a smile is HAPPY!

Why I wrote this poem-

I wrote this poem because I want to make people smile and be happy!Another reason for this poem is because I enjoy this words company, like if you are sad think of smile and it should make you happy.
7. I am a girlI am a girl,That has courage and can be neat,And if is good will get a treat.I try hard day and nightand can sometime's get in a fight.I love to sing and dance, and have been to lots of places like France!I like to play in sports,Like skiing, swimming and basketball.I love to go for a long walkAnd I have a mouth that can talk!So that is me as you can see!

8. WolfWhat spirit animal are you?I am a wolf or a wiled dog,Because:I like to be independent and sometimes part of a team,I am bright and bold and also can be lean.I can be very loud,like a roaring howlI am a bit nosy

Why I wrote this:

Laura Free verse .m4a
Oxygen Free verse .m4a

3. Oxygen Free verse

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I am a wolf .m4a

8.I am a wolf

I am a girl .m4a

7. I am a girl