Minecraft poem

By the power of Notch, the world is generated.

I’m lonely, and feel separated.

Start punching trees, craft some tools.

Mobs are trying to kill me, what ignorant fools.

I know the world like the back of my hand.

Start travelling, surrounded by cacti and sand.

Gather resources, trying to survive.

Only when in danger I feel that I’m alive.

Trapped in a corner by evil fiends.

This might be the end, goodbye my friends.

I did this poem because I like minecraft and this is a description of a survival world which is what mode I usually play in

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Plants are healthy

Land is good with its unique with its plants

A new plant is good for the ecosystem

New plants are good for the world

Time to start helping them to stop pollution

I did this poem because we need to start helping the plants from being destroyed by pollution.

Pollution's effect

The earth is amazing but it's dying by pollution and global warming.
The seas are polluted and the animals are dying by plastic bags and straws.
So stop using single use plastic straws and bags to save the environment.
Coral is dying which means fish die and then that will make other animals die which will continue until there is nothing left.

I did this poem because we need to stop pollution from effecting the environment

Purple turtle

I got a turtle

He was purple

I go everywhere with turtle

I named him squirtle

He was quite unique

He could see the top of a mountain peak

I did this poem because when I went on an excursion we had to make a poem about a purple turtle and I liked the poem so I put it on the web page.

Who am I

I am an independent and unbreakable boy.

I am an intelligent boy.

I am a boy who likes fortnite.

I am a boy who likes basketball.

I did this poem because we had to make a poem about who you are and so I made this poem about me.

Skull trooper

Skull trooper is black

He is the winter

He lives in a graveyard

He is foggy

He wares green and white bones

A grave

Walking dead

Burnt toast

I wrote this poem because I like fortnite and I have this skin so I wrote an octopoem about it