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the jumping dog ( limerick )

there once was a dog called bumper

she was a world famous jumper

she fell on her head

and went to bed

with her best-est friend Labrador Thumper

About this poem:

I wrote this poem about both of my dogs and how the were both very brave and caring. The main dog in the poem ( that was not a famous jumper nor did she fall on her a head) was named after the bumper of a car because she got hit in the shoulder by the bumper of a car as a puppy. She was then rescued by a family friend that paid for the x-ray and surgery then adopted by them. After many fights with there current dog was finally given to us to keep and then died a couple of years ago.

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I am (free verse)

I am a child with the ability to do anything

I am a fierce young girl that will never give up

i enjoy being arty and using my creative mind

i believe in myself and i rarely give up

i am a passionate in doing gymnastics and playing basket-ball

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About this poem:

This poem does not just describe me in particular it describes girls in general and how girls should have the same rights as boys.

purple turtle poem ( narrative poem )

There once was a purple turtle

With the fabulous name of myrtle

She lived on the ocean

And a family of commotion

4 brothers, 12 sisters

Annoying as blisters

They’d spend all of their days

Swimming around with a gaze

Waiting for the day to end

But then one day there life took a bend

Ending with a witch trying to sell them a potion

Calling it a magic lotion

“Fifteen bubbles that's all it costs

For lots and lots ”

“No thanks we’ll go home

Tom pass me my shell phone ”

“Where is it ding dong

Your hair is to long

I can’t see your bag ”

“Just get it and stop being a nag

how we going to get back

with you no talent nor knack

We don't want to get eaten by a shark

swimming home in the dark”

“Oh sis you need to calm down

It's not like we're going to drown

Don't you know we have talent

Oh you haven't-”

“why yes I do”

“Now will you just shoo”

“Of course mam,

we will go, Oh damn

I think I broke my flipper and I ... Sam

Will you stop

my anger is boiling to the top

I really can't stand the pain in my webbed hand”

“Your flipper?” “ yes

now can someone guess what will happen next

now mum just sent me a text

we have to get home

into the magical Dome

That she has bought”

“Go away you wart”

“ yes of course”

The witch and two siblings fight

Causing trouble in the night

“Over here seahorse”

“(yawn) this is the last ride of the night

And just please do not fight

Where do you want to go ”

She says with a glow

“To the magical dome”

“ I’m guessing that's your home”

“Yes it is it's a new one

Do i smell hot bun”

“Why yes you do

I have a few”

after about a hour

they heard the sound of the shower

thanks for taking us home

to the magical dome

and after that bend

I guess it is;

the end!

about this poem:

I chose this poem because it was the first poem I wrote this year. I wrote this poem with the expectation of us writing a poem about a purple turtle from Andrew. I did not finish that day but I continued to write it other days . I proceeded in writing my poem to create this poem.

To do this poem i had to use rhymes so i used rhyme zone

free verse about poets

there have been many many poets

some boys some girls

some short some tall

some old some new

but in the end they are all poets

that all make poems.

about this poem:

This poem is about how all poets are different but at the end of the day they are all poets and they all do the same thing; make poems. I chose this one because it is catchy and fun.


family are funny and kind

family will always care

family will always be there

by your side and on your side

family will always be your friend

about this poem

I wrote this poem a about how family are always going to be caring and kind and supportive they are. So i thought about how to explain that I thought a free verse poem would be perfect.