My first day in minecraft

A dark cold night, no house, no bed

All I could do hide behind a hedge

Running for life,didn’t have even a shield

No,no there was nothing I could wield

Mobs around me,attack from all sides

I desperately tried to stay alive

The spiders bit me,arrows were shot in my head

At the end of it all I ended up dead

My first day in minecraft didn’t go so well

But since then my skills have swelled

So maybe tomorrow my luck will change

I soon found myself incredibly engaged

I was being a Minecrafter! Building galore

And later that day is was being knocked at from behind the door

Hello! the letter did say

I have some tips I’d like to share this way!

And after that unforgettable time

My building skills were pushed to the end of the line

And that incredibly daft

First day in Minecraft

I can prove you


That if you keep practising

You can do anything

I chose to write about this imaginary first day in minecraft as minecraft is my favourite game and I wanted people to know that even though it is frustrating and hard to get through the first night, the actual game is not worth giving up.I hope that this poem has inspired minecrafters to not give up survival.

my first day in minecraft.m4a

Reuse plastic

Recycle plastic

Environment counts

Useing non plastic helps

Sealife is dying

E-waste is a killer

Playing sports is better

Look before you leap

At factories is worse


Time to stop wasting

It’s good to reuse

Come on and stop waste

Writing this poem about stopping waste proves that I am persistent about helping the environment and telling other people to help too. I am hoping that this poem inspires people to give up plastic.

reuse plastic.m4a

The last creeper

There once was a creeper named Zack

He lived in very small shack

It used to be his parents house

But they were killed by an evil mouse

So he’d better start to pack

Cause he’s gonna go adventuring, that brave young Zack

I wrote this poem about a creeper like no other,as I have an imagination as big as the universe and a strong passion for minecraft so I chose to make this blocky poem.I hope that this poem inspires young poem-writers to go minecraft.

my first day in minecraft.m4a

My spirit animal

When I run through the woods

I am a wild wolf

I am fast

I am strong

I am protective

Nothing can separate me from my spirit animal


I am a wolf strong and protective

I am wild

I am free

I am just my spirit animal

As we are alike in many ways

I protect my wolf

I set him free to roam with me

My spirit animal

Reading the beast of hushing wood by Gabriel Wang,told me about spirit animals and I believe that mine is a wolf because I feel in some places I am free and wild in some places I need to be protective and aware of my surroundings so moon the silver wolf resembles me. I hope that this poem inspires people to start writing about their spirit animals.

my spirit animal.m4a