lonely little Jim

There once was a guy called Jim

Except no one played with him

He was riding his bike

Then fell on a spike

And it looked extremely grim

About this poem: I made this poem to make people laugh and to be entertained and because i like the Jim and wanted to make one on the name Jim.

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Ryder the spider

There once was a boy called Ryder

He drank way to much cider

He got way to thin

So he shed his skin

And turned into a great big spider

About this poem: I wrote this poem on my friend Ryder and a funny thing to make him laugh and to be entertained.

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Really cool





About this poem: I wrote this poem because Archie is one of my best friends and i think that it is funny and nice


Once I slipped in school

And i looked like a fool

School should be band

Once someone slapped my hand

School would be cool

If it had a pool

You could swim all day

And have a play

About this poem: I based this poem on school and how i feel about it and i think it is just a funny poem

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things i do

I like to play fortnite,but i do not like sunlight

I like to play PS4,when i die i slam the door

When carlton win, i drink jin

I love KFC,one day you will see

About this poem: this is a funny poem on me but some of the things in this poem are not true


I am a kid who is sporting

I am a very athletic kid

I am a kid that likes to go outside

I am a kid that plays fortnite

I am a kid that likes to eat

About this poem: I based this poem on myself and the things that I like to do in spare time i did this because it is about me and i want to show people what i like to do and who i am.