Acrostic poem

Meeting in holes

Out of site

Unable to talk

Seeking a home

Escaping exterminators

The reason i wrote this because i like mice and i think they are unprivileged and i think they should be free

There was a boy named tony

I think he was quite phony

He was confident

In the asian continent

He thought he had some skills

But he forgot his pills

i wrote this one because it is funny and i like to make people laugh


One day i went to school

What do you think i did?

I played hide and seek

I went behind a tree and hid

I didn’t get found

And do you know why

I hid on the ground

I hope soon i do not die

I wrote this one because it is a new kind of poem that i haven’t done one of these before

Bad johnny

There was a boy called bad Johnny

His name was not Bonnie

He sucked his thumb

And put it up his bum

It was really gross

Because he ate the most

I wrote this because i like to make people laugh same as the other one.

Captain cook

Captain cook is in your bed

You should check if you still have a head

Run and run

Under the sun

Until you get to a train

And never see daylight again