A Proud Griffindoor
Harry Potter Fights On.m4a

Harry Potter Fights On

Harry Potter cast a spell,

But it didn’t go to well,

He turned Hermione into a wild hog,

And Ron into a little frog,

Later he played a game of Quidditch,

He was the best player on the pitch,

But then the Dementors arrived on the scene,

The Dementors were wicked and mean,

They filled Harry with dread,

He came close to being dead,

But Hermione and Ron broke the spell,

And sent the Dementors back to hell,

Voldemort waited for a chance to intervene,

The Hogwarts crowd quickly left the scene,

Harry and Voldemort were locked in a fight,

Voldemort struck Harry with a beam of light,

But Harry was magically protected,

And the force of the blow was deflected,

Harry forced Voldemort to retreat,

He suffered a humiliating defeat,

Hogwarts gave a triumphant cheer,

They could live on without fear.


I wrote this poem out of pure passion for Harry Potter and the wizarding world. This is the longest poem that I ever wrote and am super happy with the outcome.

A Man Called Greg.m4a

A Man Called Greg

There once was a man called Greg,

How tried to break open a egg,

He kicked it around,

But fell on the ground,

And found that he’d broken a leg.


I wrote this poem to make people laugh and smile and cheer others up when they are down or feeling bad. I love making people happy so this is why this poem was written.

Forgiveness In the Moment.m4a

Forgiveness in the Moment

That which is before me in the moment,

I send a wave of loving influence,

Throughout my world.


I wrote this poem because I am not always the most forgiving person in the world. So when I do forgive I it is only for a good cause.



Bad friends are like waves in the sea,

They keep hitting us all the time with glee,

But good friends are like stars in the sky,

They stay with us forever and teach us how to fly.

I’m glad I have found such a lovely friend in you,

When you are around, I never find myself sad or blue.


This is a Poem about what I feel like about my friends and what has happened to me in life

This Is Me.m4a

This is me

I am a boy,

But not any old boy.

I am a learner,

And one to be trusted.

I am a wonderer,

With so much to wonder.

I am a carer,

With so much to care for.

I am an imagineer,

With so much to imagine.

I am a believer,

And believe most souls.

I have a voice,

And I use it for only good.

I am a questioner,

With so many questions.

These are my values,

Good and bad,

And this is the way I am.


I wrote this poem to show my values and personality to the world. I am particularly proud of this one because it took me a long time to compose and I think that it expresses myself very well.

The Wolf’s Prayer.m4a

The Wolf's Prayer

Follow me down the path,

I will walk beside you,

Guiding and showing you the way.

I will not leave you.

I will be standing on the path watching you,

If you ever feel alone,

close your eyes.

You will see 6 footprints,

2 belonging to you 4 to me.

Then you know that I have not left you.

I will be there to guide you,

Whenever you need.


I wrote this poem because I feel that, when I am lost or don’t know where I am and how to get home I feel as if I am a wolf and can find anything and go everywhere. But with this poem I wrote it as if it was from the wolf’s perspective.



Put together,

Pull apart,

Cars and Trains,

Boats and Planes,

City and Pirates,

Space and Spylets,


If you know me then you will probably know that I love LEGO and this is a poem describing why I love LEGO so much.


O' Potter You Rotter

O' Potter,

You Rotter,

Of to find Black,

Like a Paddywack

O' Potter,

You Rotter,


The second Harry Potter poem in this page. It was easy to write and very fun to read.