Harry potter

In the first movie

Harry potter was acting groovy

When he found out that he was magical

Harry potter was acting very casual

In the second movie

Harry potter was also acting groovy

But this one has a dead snake

which Harry potter killed which gave him an ache

In the next one it is done

It is exciting to be the one

but this one has a wolf

Harry potter's teacher is the wolf

So this is the end of this story

so say bye-bye to this story

harry potter

I like harry potter so I decided to write a poem about the 1 2 and 3 story or movies of harry potter. I tried to make the poem rhyme. It is a free verse poem. I like to do free verses


Running in the breeze I see lots of trees

Dancing all alone could get you phone

Eating ice cream could get you in a team

Mabey watching movie could get you all groovey

Singing out loud could get you very proud

I can do gym and I can also swim


I heard a poem. It was all about happiness .This one is a free verse. I made it up of funny sentences that were made up of two thing that I like.


There once was a man could Sid

He always won his bids

And one day

His story of biding went away

And his money went away and hid


This poem was a challenge. That was where I had to think of a name. Then I had to think of a rhyming word. The first rhyming words that came up in my head I had to use it in my limerick.

Who am I

I am a Bird pride and free

I am the breeze to push people through hard times

I am energy to help people do their best

I'm a puppy loyal and fun

I am a jokes to make people laugh

who am I?

I wanted to express myself with metaphors so I did. This is what I did I said what I like and what is something that I'm interested in. This is good work for me. I'm now very happy about my work.