Ryder's Poetry

Ollie - Cinquain


Funny, friendly

Thinking, running, talking

Is good at playing basketball

Good friend

I chose this poem because I wanted to acknowledge that I have a really nice friend who I really like and is good at basketball.

Dragons - Acrostic

D = Dangerous creatures

R = Really big

A = Are in myths

G = Gorge on meat

O = Only some people believe they are real

N = None are alive

S = Soar through the skies

I chose this poem because I really like mythical creatures including dragons and acknowledge those who believe in them. I chose acrostic poetry because I wanted to express myself better.

Ryder - Limerick

There once was a boy called Ryder,

He drank way too much cider,

He got so thin,

He shed his skin,

And turned into a spider

I chose this poem because I like humour and because I am thin. I chose a limerick because it will add more humour in to it.

Purple turtle - Ryming

There once was a purple turtle,

He lived in the sea,

He didn't have a house,

but he did have a key

He swam around all day,

Mostly in the month of May,

Sorry for not telling you,

But his name was Mr moo,

I chose this poem because we went to Dromkeen and drew a turtle so Andrew told us to write a poem on a purple turtle

Purple turtle

Spring - Haiku

Animals come out,

Trees blossom in this season,

It’s nearly summer.

I chose this because I love it in spring because there is lots of plant and animal life.

It is also 1 season away from my birthday.

Who am I - Free verse

I am a sporty and kind boy,

I am a kid with a friendly heart,

I am a kid with resilience and respect,

I am a kid who likes reading,

I am a basketballer,

I am a kid who is curious,

I am a caring kid,

I am a happy kid,

I an optimistic kid,

I am a boy who likes school.

Who I am

I chose this poem because I wanted to express who I am and what I like. I chose a free verse because I wanted to send the message of who I am without being silly by rhyming.