George's Poetry

Not So Smart Bart

Once there was a guy named Bart

He wasn't really smart

He did not go to school

because he had to look after a bull.

But he made millions making English Tarts

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About poem: I wrote poem because i like limericks because it doesn't make sense and they are funny. I like how Limericks rhyme and I personally like humour in my poems.


Once there was a guy named Po

He ate to much Pho

He got fat

He looked like a rat

but then decided to grow a Moe

i wrote this poem because i like to be funny and i like limericks

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Cute hamsters

like to do cool dances

People think there bad

But that makes me sad

But in the end they like to be prancers

I wrote this poem because I like hamsters because there cute and funny like me.


I am a soccer player

I am a friend

I am kind

I like soccer

I like dogs

I like hamsters

I wrote this i am poem because this is what i like and it’s what i do

Ollie acrostic

Original gangster





I wrote this poem because i like Ollie and i'm his friend