Pollution is killing earth By William

The earth is amazing, but it’s dying by pollution and global warming.

The seas are polluted and the animals are dying by plastic bags and straws.

So stop using single use plastic straws and bags to save the environment and the seas.

Coral is dying too then the fish will die then that will lead to a chain reaction first fish then sharks ect.

As you can see it’s a problem so stop using single plastic.


I picked earth because it is dying by pollution and global warming and eventually the fish will die out.I don’t want fish to die by over fishing and sharks.

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Subnautica Poem By William

Land on a planet surrounded by water different biomes and animals.

All I have is a knife and a flashlight, some of the creatures seem to be scared and run away from me, but some try to attack me or blow me up.

Giant leviathans that attack my seamoth and cyclops.

I find blueprints to make a rocket, but I don’t have the resources to make the platform so I guess i'll be here for a while.

As I scan myself I realise that I’m infected, but when I was in the lav zone I see this big building in the water.


Dragons are green,blue,red and black

Dragons are the summer time

Dragons in a cave

They are sunny

Dragons tuxedo

Dragons chair

How to train your Dragon

Robots are cool

But they can be cruel

Robots they helpful

And they are also careful

They can die

But they try