We met on a train

That’s how our friendship started

That’s how it will be

Harry and Ron


I wrote this haiku poem because of Harry Potter and I wanted to write a different type of poem that related to how Harry and Ron met because it was my favourite scene in Harry Potter and the philosophers stone (the first one).

Days can end

Always something new to learn

You can get bullied and get really hurt

It’s like Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

Never gets boring in Geometry

Sunny days you go outside

Cramps can happen when you work

Holidays are refreshing

Over at 3:30

Otto is an Italian word

Lunch is the best


I did this acrostic poem because I wanted people which are in kindergarten to know what happens at this school

Recycling is what we need

Exterminate all plastic bags

Climate change needs to stop

You can change the future

Change what we are doing to the wildlife

Let the wildlife live

Everyone do anything to change the world and change the future for us and the wildlife


I wrote this acrostic poem because I wanted people to know what other people and that might be you who are doing bad thing to the environment like using cars witch causes smoke to rise in the air .

Harry cast a spell,but it didn’t go to well

Ron was a frog, and Hermione a hedgehog .

Then Mcgonagall came, and Harry was the one to blame

And that in hand, Harry almost got banned .

Then Draco was on the pitch, as you can see he’s really rich

He says “Wait until my father hears about this”, but then the Basilisk went hiss .

Now there is Severus Snape, Snape with his really good cape

And now it is time for potions, yes potions not lotions .

Ok who is it now, but then there was a big kapow

Oh never mind, only Buck beak is blind .

Now there is Rubeus Hagrid,Hagrid can turn into Swagwrid

He does care of magical creatures, and Fwoopers are really good screachers .

Then Harry gave Dobby a sock’ because it was 2 o clock

But Voldemort came back, from his very large sack .

Here’s Dumbledore with his Sherbet lemons,

And other sweets like lily zemons,

Then there’s the Marauders map,

And you can open it by just a wand tap .

Then there is the Weasley duo,

And you can by their stuff for just an euro,

The duo has a cool joke shop,

That they don’t really mop .


I wrote this couplet/narrative poem because I got inspired by Harry Potter because Harry Potter is who I am so I tried to do everything Harry Potter as I could as a Poem .It was hard to figure out the rhyming words .For the first part I got some inspiration by another poem for Harry Potter .I also wish to read this to the creator of Harry Potter J.K Rowling if I meet her .Just saying the thing on top of this is a recording of this poem

New Recording 6.m4a

A witch is green

She is the autumn time

She is windy

A witch is a hat

A tall shelf

She is the Adams family

A warty mushroom


I wrote this octo poem because I wanted to try a new poem and I wanted to do something which is related to Halloween because it is my favourite holiday .

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