Once I saw lots of cherry blossom trees,

They looked so beautiful in the summer breeze,

It was so hot,

I fell down in a flop,

And then I did a loud sneeze.

About This Poem:

This poem is a limerick. A limerick is a rhyming poem. The first, second, and last lines must rhyme, and the third and fourth lines have a different rhyme. I chose this poem because I really like cherry blossom trees, and I wanted to write a limerick, so I wrote a limerick about cherry blossom trees.

There once was a very friendly girl,

Who had a super special pearl,

She had a cute pug,

Who slept on a donut covered rug,

And she loved to twirl.

About This Poem:

This poem is also a limerick. The rhyming words for the first, second and last lines are: girl, pearl, and twirl. The rhyming words for the third and fourth lines are: pug, and rug. I wrote it because I think pearls are pretty, I love pugs {They're soooo cute!!}, doughnuts are delicious, and I like to twirl.

Cherry Blossom Trees 6.m4a
Girl with a pearl 8.m4a

The soft summer breeze

Slowly melts into dark night

The sky, bright with stars

About This Poem:

This poem is a haiku. Haiku poems are from Japan. The rules to a haiku are; The first line must have 5 syllables, the second line must have 7 syllables, and the third line must have 5 syllables. I wrote this poem about the sky because that’s what I felt like when I wrote it.

The Sky Haiku 9.m4a

I look up at the sky,

And watch the bluebirds fly,

I look down at the grass,

And let the ladybug pass,

I see the sun bright,

At its great height,

I look forward at the snowy mountains,

The snow sprinkling down like water from fountains,

The lake in front of me,

Shines brighter than the sea,

As I look at the world around myself,

I forget all about my dreaded bookshelf.

About This Poem:

This is a rhyming poem. I wrote it because writing rhyming poems is really fun. I used rhyme zone to get my rhyming words.

The snow flakes shine as they fall to the ground, like a million glistening stars against the dark night sky. The snow covered ground is so white my head aches to look at it. I skate over the frozen lake, admiring the green fir trees, covered in snow.

About This Poem:

This is a free verse poem. There are no rules to writing a free verse poem. This free verse poem is about snow. I wrote a free verse poem because all my friends were doing free verse poems and I wanted to do one too. I really like snow so I wrote my free verse poem about snow.

Blue Birds Rhyming Couplet 10.m4a
Snowflakes 11.m4a