Haiku: The Flowers

The flowers blooming,

They are so very pretty

They make me happy

The flowers .m4a

About the poem

I chose to do a haiku because I new It would be tricky. created one because I wanted to stretch my learning

I Am…

I am a girl who is confident in myself,

I am a girl with hope for everyone

I am a girl who loves to have fun

I am a girl with a happy smile

I am a person who loves sport

I am a girl who is resilient

I am a girl who never gives up

I am a girl who loves to collaborate

I am a girl who welcomes people with a warm heart

I am a girl who loves to read

I am a strong and reliable person

I am.m4a

About the poem

I liked writing this because so if people read it, they can trust me and know that I am all of these things and that I and look after people and make them happy. I also did this because I read a poem like this in class and I thought it was great, so I wrote one about me!!!!!!

Limerick: The day I lost my hair.

There once was a day where I lost all my hair,

I looked under the table and under the chair.

I looked on my bed

And saw my teddy Fred

And I yelled out in anger, It’s not fair!

The day I lost my hair .m4a

About the poem

I think that in all of my poems I needed a silly one or it might be a little boring. I don’t know where I got the idea from it just popped into my head. I also wrote this because I wanted to have a funny and silly one and I thought it might be boring if I didn't add this one.

Couplet: My Happiness Is…………..

Spending time with my family,

not getting stung by a bumblebee

baking cake that doesn't taste fake

a yummy ice cream when my sister doesn't scream

in a peaceful place is just ace,

a game at night by the fireside

A marshmallow to toast

And a pumpkin roast.

with dessert of course

( but not a horse)

My happiness is.m4a

About the poem

like couplets because I know them really well and so people can know what I like and what I like doing. I got the idea from something we did in class and that I really liked it and I would like to right one myself about me.

Animal rights

As I sit in the shade I wonder.

Why can’t it be the other way round?

Why not the humans in the the cages and us running around?

It's so unfair.We are trapped in cages.

we are just a tiny pebble on the ground .

Nobody cares about us.

We get disgusting food that isn’t fresh.

One day I will stand up. Fight for our rights. One day when I know how.

Animal rights .m4a

I wrote this poem because I wanted to show my affection in writing and because I wan't people to think about the animals, let them have a say in the world.

Thank you my friend,

but it’s the end!!!!!!