Narrative Poem:


There once was a llama

He hated his farmer

So he kicked him in the bum

He said “oy you made my bum hurt” and then he dropped his rum

The llama was flung because he kicked his big bum

And the llama said “oy mate I only kicked your bum!”

about llama

i really like llamas and also i also have a friend bhagy and he made one to!!!!

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Free verse:41 oh 41

41 oh 41 the best number other than one

You can say it how want whether you say it 41! or 41? or 41* or even 41$

And that's why i love the number 41

about 41

I wrote this because me and my friend like saying 41 and i want other people to like it. My Friend made a song about it and i was inspired by my friend louis

41 .m4a

Acrostic: Earth




To much plastic


About earth

I wrote this about earth the changers we can change and what we can improve .

free verse: i am

I am a boy

I am a fortnite pro

I am a kind boy

I am a boy who has a cat

I am a basketball player

about i am

i wanted a poem about me so i wrote this poem i was inspired by Ryder he did one to!

limerick them Cama

There once was a team called Cama

It was a really good hanger

One day i went wrong

Ca'z cama went long

And that's the story of Cama

About Cama

I am in a club called Cama at school so I wrote about it and I wanted a limerick because they sound funny and Cama is all about funny stuff