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Aaron Pier

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Course Overview

    In this course, students will exercise their writing skills through various composition exercises and activities.  Various modes of writing will be covered in order for students to improve reading comprehension, writing ability and overall communication.

     Emphasis is on constructing grammatical sentences in standard written English, on developing unified paragraphs employing appropriate principles of organization, on developing papers employing appropriate principles of organization, and upon improving skills in critical reading of fiction and nonfiction prose.  This course also emphasizes clarity, accuracy, and effectiveness in written English with a focus on research techniques, correct documentation and citation formats, and argumentation.

Course Outline

1st Quarter:

  • Creative Writing

  • Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Research Methods and Sources

3rd Quarter:

  • Interview and Oral Presentations

  • Descriptive Writing

  • Research Paper Drafts and Revisions

2nd Quarter:

  • Argumentative Writing

  • Impromptu/Extemporaneous Speech

  • Source Notes, Thesis and Topic

4th Quarter:

  • College Essays and Applications

  • Creating a Resume

  • Abstract and Final Research Paper